• Bathroom Remodeling

    5 Corners Plumbing provides exceptional rates on bathroom plumbing remodeling in Snohomish County, North King County and East King County. Our staff of trained professionals...

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  • Water Repiping

    Plenty of problems within a home lead to a need for new pipes. Problems such as slab leaks, pinhole leaks, low water pressure and water...

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  • Sewer Line Scoping

    Most people are not aware of the extensive process involved in replacing sewer line.  If you are in the process of purchasing a new home...

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Toilet Installation

Choose 5 Corners Plumbing for toilet installation, let us remove your existing toilet and install your new toilet. We aim at offering you the best solutions for toilet fixtures. We give good guidance regarding reasonable cost fixtures.

We help you not only in minimizing your costs, but we also take additional steps to suggest the 1.28 gpm low-flow toilet fixtures that are becoming more popular with our residents.

These low-flow toilet fixtures are characterized by a lesser consumption of water and more functionality. You can choose from the wide range of toilet fixtures that are classified under the low-flow toilet plumbing fixtures; they really do flush in an excellent way the first time.

At 5 Corners plumbing , you can call us for all of your plumbing needs.